New in Version 2.7    Feature comparison matrix

TIS GigE support

  TIS GigE camera integration

  16Bit pixel depth support for TIS cameras

  Employes new TIS camera API V3.1


New camera control panel

  Undockable: Full screen for image preview

  New uniform and convenient mechanism to select camera video format for all supported camera types


New in Version 2.6

32 Bit image processing

  Frame stacking

  Realtime Dark Frame processing

  Realtime Flat Field processing



Ascom filter wheel support




Reticle shape definition




Multi language support





Special thanks for translation support to the following persons

   Marc Delcroix – French version

   Rainer Ehlert – Spanisch version

   Intercon Spacetec – German version

   Gianluca Valentini – Italian version


New in Version 2.2

Support for TIS cameras

  DMK, DFK, DBK all models

  Firewire and USB



AVI codec support

  Windows standard Codec’s

  Third party Codec’s  as LEAD and others



RGB histogram

  Color channel selection

  Adjustable in shape and outlining




  Fast access to common features

     Customizable in items and position    


New in Version 2.0

Capture destination space monitoring

  Adjustable alarming levels for low and critical low space

  Automatic capture stop if critical space limit is reached



Enhanced RAM capture capability

  RAM capture can be configured to copy images from RAM to hard disc during capture time



Fully integrated AVI file format

   Time stamp overlay

   Ability to limit AVI file size to one or two GByte

   Multiple AVI files per capture stream



Enhanced Ser file converter

  Standalone conversion, no camera has to be connected

  Own Bayer to RGB conversion methods

  Image preview

  Post processing (Time stamp overlay)



Free image size definition

  New image sizes can be defined by typing the new image size into the text field of the image size list

  New image sizes can be added to the image size list

  Image size list can be saved to and reloaded from hard disc



Night vision visualization



Zoom and Flip

  Preview Zoom

  Image flip



False color palette (Premium license mode only)

  Colorize preview images, e.g. for public viewing

  Colorize captured images