Lucam Recorder

The easy way of professional image acquisition with your Imaging Source or Lumenera camera

After 2 years of using the popular Philips ToUCam webcam to capture images of our sun and other solar system objects I wanted to break new ground to get the best images possible from our planets. I scanned the internet as well as other ressources to find a camera without the drawbacks of the ToUCam design. The Lumenera industrial camera series seems to be a good alternate camera to the Philips webcam. I ordered the monochrome Lu075M camera. This camera came without a capture software application but together with a well described programming interface. I began to code a capture software application for my own purpose. In November 2005 I got a message from Helmut Heinicke, another user of a Lumenera camera for astronomical purpose here in Germany. Helmut asked me to use my capture software together with his camera. I decided to provide my software project to Helmut and other interested people, bought a second Lu075 (color) camera and began to think about software structure, usability concept and features. My first requirement list was born and it is still my guide to develop Lucam Recorder:


  Full support for all Lumenera USB II camera series – LU, LW, Infinity, SKYnyx

  Full support for Imaging Source DMK, DFK and DBK camera series (Firewire and USB)

  Support for all dedicated camera properties like 16Bit pixel depth, ROI sizing, ROI positioning, Binning, Frame rates, long time exposure

  Invention of the „variable“ frame rate property to provide intuitive “one slider” access to the camera’s entire range of exposure time

  Full integration of motorized and manual filter wheels including automated acquistion of spectral filters images sequences

  Fully automated image acquisition sessions, including slow motion and quick motion

  Continuing integration of user requested features

  Intuitive and convenient user interface


In January 2006 I released the first version of Lucam Recorder to the public and a Lucam Recorder user community grows up very quickly. A lot of important additional features were implemented since this first release and some of the unique Lucam Recorder features were copied by other software application providers. But beside all these new features: The main goal for Lucam Recorder is providing the very best intuitive professional astronomical image acquisition software for Lumenera cameras.

I thank all users of Lucam Recorder - persons as well as organisations - who support my efforts to reach this goal. My special thank to Marc Delcroix, Rainer Ehlert, Helmut Heinicke, Mark Manner, Eric Roel, Karl Thurner, Gian Luca Valentini and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

I also thank the following persons and organisations which supported me by providing information or test samples of their products: Cor Berrevoets, Andy Homeyer, Gerd Neumann jr., Finger Lakes Instrumentation, FRAMOS, Lumenera and Santa Barbara Instrument Group.

This project to the memory of Werner Wilkens.


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