Main features    Feature list

  Support of the entire Lumenera USB II camera suite including SKYnyx

  Support of Imaging Source DMK, DBK and DFK Firewire/USB camera series

  Free definition of ROI, ROI position and binning

  Long time exposure up to the camera’s limit

  Display of minimum, maximum, median, mean and deviation values as well as  graphical life histogram and level meter

  RAM capture to boost capture frame speed to the camera’s theoretical limit

  Focus estimating feature helps to achieve optimal focus position

  Full integration of a wide range of automatic filter wheels brands and manual filter wheels

  Fully automated filter sequences with individual camera settings for each filter: LRGB picture of Jupiter by Don Parker

  Fully automated capture sessions with stream limits and/or timer controlled loops Jupiter and his moons: animation by Rainer Ehlert

  Fully automated Quick-motion capture

  Detailed capture log including time stamp for each frame

  Time overlay to preview and each captured frame

  Unique ‘variable’ frame speed for intuitive access to the entire range of exposure time




Advanced features    Feature list

  False color coding for preview and captured files, great for public viewing of sun images in h Alpha or calcium emission line. 

  Image stack, Realtime Dark frame and Flat Field processing

  Preview zoom (manual and auto)

  AVI codec and file size limiter support (1GByte, 2GByte), automatic AVI chaining if selected limit was reached

  Proprietary 8/16Bit SER “video” file format for highest capture speed

  Integrated SER file batch converter converts SER files into any supported standard image file format (including AVI)

  Image flip (preview and capture file)

  Night vision illumination




Supported filter wheels


  DFM Engineering – Serial interface

  Finger Lakes Instrumentation – USB / Serial interface

  Homeyer – Pulse code via serial port
D-SUB9 pinout: Pin3 - Pulse / Pin5 - GND

  Gerd Neumann jr. FR03 – Serial interface

  OES – Serial interface

  Optec IFW – Serial interface

  SBIG CFW-6, CFW-8 – Pulse code via serial port
D-SUB9 pinout: Pin3 - Pulse / Pin5 - GND

  SBIG CFW-10 – Serial interface

  True Technology – Serial interface

  Manual Wheel  – Dialog interface with timer
also perfect for capture automation with unsupported motorized wheels

  Generic Wheel – No interface integration


Interface to other software applications

  Lucam Recorder 8/16Bit SER files are accepted by AVIstack, Images Plus and RegiStax for further processing





User interface language


  French - Translation by Marc Delcroix


  Italian – Translation by Gianluca Valentini

  Spanish - Translation by Rainer Ehlert





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